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Didn't you always wish that you had your very own petanque coach? Well, now you do! He'll give you ideas for how to improve your pointing, shooting, and strategizing. And even give you the occasional kick in the butt when you have been slacking off.

To the right are some handy links to explore. Try a few of the suggestions and see your playing improve!

And I've even included a list of some of my favorite players for you to be inspired by, as I am! Sometimes just knowing that a shot can be made keeps us practicing. Watching more skilled players play is always a good thing.


Petanque Secrets Portal!

Petanque Classes!

Petanque Coach, Nathan Doster will be teaching petanque classes in Atascadero, California! For more information on this exciting opportunity to improve your game click here!

Playing Tips Some ideas about how to play a better game!

Petanque Exercises Be able to reach every corner of the terrain!

Squat or Stand; What's the best posture from which to throw a point?

Pointing Want to score more points?

Shooting It really isn't that difficult...

Practicing We all want to improve!

Shoulder Health Take care of your shoulder!

Petanque Rules to Remember Some rules that seem to be over-looked in casual play, but in the tournaments those rules will be enforced! Be sure you know them!

Alternative Petanque Games Only have 3 people to play? Not enough time for as many games as you'd like? Want to concentrate on certain skills? Here are some alternatives.

Favorite Players It helps to have skilled players to watch and learn from. Here are some of my favorite international players.

Making Your Own Practice Terrain It is so much more convenient to have your own place to practice!

Team Captain Page Team Captains have special responsibilities beyond the coin toss!

Listen Up! A few comments from your coach.