Past Exhibitions at the Doster Gallery

Doster Gallery Exhibitions

December 2008 - February 2009 Nancy Hill - Soft Sculptures

Doster Gallery is pleased to offer the works of an extraordinary Central Coast fabric arts artist in its December 2008 exhibition. Nancy Hill's enchanting Soft Sculpture figures were a delight!

The Soft Scultures of Nancy Hill exude humor and vitality. One almost expects them to wink or chortle at any moment - no static dolls these! Intricately crafted, these testimonies to Ms. Hill's skill as a professional seamstress, and well developed artistic vision enliven her works with the spark of life. Doster gallery is delighted to exhibit a bad selection of Ms. Hill's work ranging from naught to humorous, and always endearing, demonstrating her marvelous talent and creativity.


Relaxed, $120