Life Forms

ceramic artist: Nathan G. Doster


Doster Gallery Exhibitions

Life Form 820-1 2006

The textural glaze on this piece has a sparkle when in sunlight or bright light. To show off this feature adequate lighting will be important. The glaze that creates the sparkle was a custom glaze that has been impossible to duplicate since. Something in the formula cased that sparkle... but now that something is gone. There are only two Life Forms offered with that glaze, this one and 820-2.

Life Form 820-1 2006 Marked and numbered, $1000

LF 820-1 2006

LIfe Form 820-2 2006

Deeply textural, the custom glaze on this piece has a sparkle in full sunlight and under bright lights. Be certain to display it to its best advantage. Unfortunately that sparkling quality is too subtle to capture in and image - you will have to see it to enjoy it.

Life Form 820-2 2006, $600

LF 820-2 2006

Life Form 10-93 2006

One of the artist's favorites, the active polyps on this Life Form explore the environment around them - reaching, searching... The unusual surface treatment achieved by deft manipulation of oxides and glazes has a restrained and yet dramatic beauty.

Life Form 10-93-2006, $1200

LF 10-93 2006

Life Form 11-20-2 2006

A substantial Life Form, the dark mass of the body portion of this piece makes a dramatic statement. Topped by textural and active polyps this is an impressive Live Form. The textural glazes show a subtly that becomes apparent is the eyes rest on the surface...

Life Form 11-20-2 2006, $1000

LF 11-20-2 2006

Life Form 12-4-2-2006

An unusual tentacled Life Form! Lighter in hue and contrasting dramatically with the other Life Forms, it is obviously of a different species - perhaps even a different genus. Its tentacles reach out for sustenance.

Life Form 12-4-2 2006 $1100

LF 12-4-2 2006

Life Form 2008

The latest in the Life Form series, this piece demonstrates the successful solution of some technical challenges allowing the Life Form to evolve in a new direction. Certainly its expanded, yet more delicate polyps will all it to out-compete its neighbors!

Life Form 2008, $1500

Life Form 2008

Limpets: Installation

Showing the serendipitous influence of the reducing flame, each Limpet is unique. The Raku firing resulted in areas of metallic sheen and amazing color gradients.As individuals they are beautiful. As a group they are stunning.

Limpets: Installation, $300

Limpets Installatiom
  All of these Life Forms are available through Doster Gallery. Please contact us at if you would like to purchase a piece or have any questions.