Nathan Doster, Ceramics Artist.

Exploring Ikebana Vases, Sea Forms, and Econiches


Nathan Doster lives and produces his ceramics pieces in his California, Central Coast studio. The Central Coast is located half way between the megopolises of San Francisco and Los Angeles, and is largely a rural area with rolling hills and ancient oaks. The beaches nearby are clean and uncrowded. The area is becoming a prominent wine producing center. A pleasant place to produce art.

"I am not a production potter. Each piece is an exploration, of form, of glaze, of texture and of kiln atmosphere. Each piece is an exploration of process and unique." Many of the glazes are custom blended by Nathan, and in some cases have been unduplicatable. When you add a Doster piece to your collection you truly have a unique work of art.

Most recently three directions have been explored - the Red-Black Series of Ikebana vases, the Econiche Series, and the Lifeforms Series, The Red-Black Series consists of vessels with dramatic red and black glazes. Most would make impressive Ikebana vases, others are suitable as containers for miniature water lilies or lotus, or as accent art pieces. The Life Forms Series draw on Nathan's years as a diver and oceanography and zoology student and speak of life in tide pools and warm waters. The Econiche Series uses glazes and textures to suggest primitive life forms struggling to find a place in the ecosystem in which they find themselves.

Earlier works included the Raku Ikebana Vase Series designed to enhance flower arrangements. Each piece is unique in form and glazing. The following vases are available. Please contact Mr. Doster if you would like to make a  purchase. Your vase will be carefully wrapped and shipped Priority.

Special "Thumbprint" pieces. These are pieces that are the artist found especially interesting, and has signed with his thumbprint. These will have additional collectors' value.

Please note, that the raku process that produces the striking patterns on the vases are not possible at higher temperatures - so the pieces are not water-tight. You can seal them inside yourself, or place containers inside to hold water for your arrangements. Or, you can make your arrangement without water.


Ikebana Vase
Early Econiche