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For thousands of years mankind formed glass in kilns creating beautiful and useful objects. Once again the artform has returned and is known as kiln-forming, or glass fusing. California Central Coast artist Nathan Doster's kiln-formed art pieces, described by one critic as "astonishing", explore the potential of this fascinating medium resulting in incredibly beautiful works of art that are very affordable to the collector!

This exhibition highlights glass's translucence, depth, reflective and refractory qualities in new ways. Using special molds called drop molds Doster causes the glass to stretch into new forms bringing out the hidden beauty of the glass. Though pieces of art in their own right, many of these "vases" can be used to display precious personal items or flower arrangements.

Dropped Glass approaches the concept from several angles - glass that has been dropped, glass that has been formed by drop molds, glass that has been fractured... all resulting in beautiful works in glass! Dropped Glass!

The images here do not do justice to the beauty of these pieces. You really need to see them to fully appreciate and enjoy the glass art of Nathan Doster exhibited at the Doster Gallery. Gallery is open Friday afternoons 12:00 - 5:00, 3rd Friday 12:00 until 8:00.

The exhibition consists of more than eight pieces, and/or displays representative of Doster's current work in glass. All signed and dated for collectibility. Please contact Doster Gallery for pricing. Enjoy!

Red & Black Drama

Dramatic leaning vase of rich crimson and smoking swirls. Incredibly beautiful.

9X9 inches, signed, dated.


Pink & White Vase

One of the favorites of those that have seen it! Softly beautiful flakes of color with white and pink borders.

8X8 inches, signed, dated.

Black & White

Black & White with Dimple

An elegant and strong statement with a dichroic accent! Dimple in the middle adds interest and dimension to an already intriguing piece.

9X9 inches. Signed and dated.

Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges

A unique "bowl" created by chunks of glass fused into place. Bubble add movement and depth to this already dynamic piece.

Irregular dimensions. Signed, dated.

Dichroic Squares

Dichroic Squares

An absolutely stunning example of dropped glass forming! the dichroic accents contrast dramatically to the devitrified surface around them. The bowl drops deeply and dramatically.

10X10 inches

Signed. Dated.

Blue Green Vase

Blue-Green Vase

A beautiful example of flowing glass this vase incorporates dichroic glass accents.

8X8 inches. Signed, dated.