Doster Kiln-formed Glass



Flused Glass Plates!

Fused Art Glass Plates

Each plate is 6 X 6 inches and formed by fusing compatible art glasses, including iridescent glass. All are signed and dated. Top plate in the image above has been sold. The other three are still available. Contact Doster Gallery for prices.


Currently Available Kiln-formed Glass Pieces

Doster gallery has a growing selection of kiln-formed (also referred to as fused glass) work by Central Coast Artist Nathan G. Doster. Plates, serving dishes and art objects are available. All are signed by the artist and dated, making them highly collectible!



Burgundy with Blue Insert

Burgundy with Blue Insert

This impressive plate has a rich burgundy foundation, with a light blue insert rising toward the surface. This stunning piece is 8X8 inches and of substantial depth. Signed and dated.


Deep Dichroic

Deep Dichroic #1

The image shows the depth of this piece, but does not show that each dichroic insert is at a different level! A stunning use of dichroic glass with a beautiful clear iridescent background and active bubbles make this a truly impressive piece! 8X8 inches with substantial depth. Signed and dated.


Percolation #1

Percolation #1

Six layers of crystal clear glass thick! The colored rods embedded in the center rise through the piece showing depth and motion. A piece of simple elegance. A unique statement and masterful use of kiln formed glass as an artistic medium. 8X8 inches with substantial depth, signed and dated.




The first of the Dreams series. 12X12 Signed, Dated.


Tidepools 2

Tidepools 2

One of the Tidepools series. Bubbles show depth as dichroic lifeforms flit about... 12X12 Signed. Dated.



Blue and Green Vase

Blue and green with dichroic glass highlights. Signed. Dated.


Lime Sushi Set

Lime Sushi Set

Lime green, white iridescent, clear, and dichroic. This is an incredibly beautiful and eligant set. Signed. Dated.

Note, the dark areas in the set are actually clear - the image was taken on a dark background. The plates are lighter than they appear in this image. Really beautiful! Serving Plate 6X12. Individual plates 6X6.


Sushi Dishes - Pink!

Pink Sushi Set

Pink, clear, white fused glass with dichroic. Signed. Dated.

Soft purity.

Serving Plate 6X12. Individual plates 6X6.


Free Form Rod Bowl

Free-form Rod Bowl

Irridescent glass and rods make this a very unusual and beautiful piece!


Drama Vase

Drama Vase

An unusual leaning vase full of drama!



Pink and White Drop Vase

Pink and White Drop Vase

A delicately refined drop vase.


Drop Vase

4 Square Drop Vase

Dichroic glass accents, deep drop vase with devitrification.




Dropped Glass

Dropped Glass #2 - Sharp Edges

Substantial clear glass chunks and bubbles make this a very interesting piece!

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