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Doster Gallery is open for your Holiday shopping convenience! Wednesday through Saturday afternoons until Christmas!

So much new an exciting at Doster Gallery! Here is a sampling of some of the new items just in! We'll try to keep you informed about new items... but there are just too many! The best thing is to make a point to stop by Doster Gallery & Gifts every couple of weeks for a good browse. It's even more fun when you bring along a friend!


By Popular Request! Wine and Champaign Stemware!

OK, we can take a hint! You want Gift Quality Wine and Champaign Stemware! But this being Doster Gift Gallery, they have to be something special! We have Red Wine, White Wine, and Flutes for your enjoyment.

Fluted Stemware!

Red Wine Stemware!


Beaded Works of Art!

The Beaded Geckos have been very popular - and rightfully so! They can be displayed to add color and interest to walls, as well on countertops and mantles. Doster Gifts Gallery also has equally popular Beaded Hummingbirds and Mermaids, as well as

Beaded Geckoes!


We now have Photo Bookmarks that you can put photos of your friends and family in! Wouldn't that make a fantastic gift?


Photo Bookmarks! What a wonderful gift!

Photo Bookmarks!

Also, now in stock, our biggest selection ever of 3D Bookmarks! Simply amazing - and great stocking stufferes!

And speaking of 3D!

3D Puzzles!

Choose from four different themes - or grab one of each! These will be great for gatherings with family and friends! Challenging enough to occupy folks, but simple enough to get done at one sitting. Colorful and exciting images!

3D Puzzles!



Metal Art - Holiday Stockings!

You've probably admired the decorative Metal Art in front of the Doster Gifts Gallery - they are for sale! That's right, you could be enjoying those Holiday Stockings in your own yard! The Hello sign and the Awesome sign in the shop are for sale to!

Holiday Socks!








Doster Gallery has some beautiful and fragrant candles for your Holiday gatherings! (and also diffusers) These are just a bit better than you will find elsewhere. Come take a sniff and see whether you don't agree!


Butterfly Garlands!

Butterfly Garlands, and now Dragonfly Garlands!

You've enjoyed seeing them hanging in the front window at Doster Gifts Gallery, why not have the same pleasure at home? Or in your cubical at work? At color and fun where ever they are!


Agate Pendants!

Agate Pendants

These Agate Pendants would make wonderful tree ornaments! Or add beauty when hung in a sunny window! Thinly sliced to allow light through... each a unique natural work of art!


Handsewn Soft Sculptures!

These unique soft sculptures add a decorative touch and liven things up wherever they go! Each one of a kind - and very collectible! Sewn by a local master seamstress, with amazing attention to detail.



Featured Earrings


Doster Design can now put your earrings on Sterling Silver Posts! Ask to see our selection of post earrings, or see whether we can convert a pair of wire ear hook earrings to post for you.

Doster Gallery has a growing selection of handcrafted art jewelry - earrings and necklaces - for just about every occasion. As long as the occasion calls for some color that is! Our selection is big on sparkle and pizzazz - perfect for Holiday Parties. Whether you are going to a gallery opening, the company Christmas party, or just visiting good friends, earrings from Doster Gallery will make the event even more fun!




Kiln Formed Glass!


Each glass piece is truly one of a kind! Whether you are looking for that perfect art piece, or functional ware that brings your presentation to life, you are certain to find the perfect piece at Doster Gallery! Pastry trays, sushi dishes, condiment dishes, serving plates, bowls... so much to choose from! and every one unique!


Jars Vases!

Elegant and colorful Jars vases from France. Perfect for any entertainer, or flower lover. Or to brighten the office... or an intimate dinner...

Jars Vases!


Sake Cup Pots!

Sure they started their life as sake cups... but they can be whatever you want them to be! (including a sake or tea cup!)

There is absolutely no reason to have a drab life now. No two cups are alike - created by a Central Coast Artist!

Sake Cup Pots!



Artisan Tumblers!

Bold chunks of glass embedded in clear glass make for fun and attractive Tumblers! In two sizes! In keeping with the Doster Gallery tradition of colorful and fun!

Art Glass!


Specialty Tea Supplies!

Doster Gallery has been carrying the Tea forte' line of tea infusers, cups and pots for years now! Well, you knew that!

They make a very special gift for a very special tea sipper!





Mmmm! Apple pie!!! But wait, that's really an amazing work of candle art! That's right a candle! and it smells wonderfully like apple pie! Of course Doster Gallery would find a way to bring in candle art!

Cinnamon Roll!

Or how about a warm cinnamon roll? Come on in and take a sniff - these are amazing! Once again, a candle!




Soap Gemstones

You would not believe how good these smell!! And how amazingly beautiful they look! These alone are worth a visit to Doster Gift Gallery. The image below does not do these amazing works of soap art justice - the Moonstone, Opal, Peridot, Fire Geode... well, all of them!

Soap Rocks!


Preserved Flower Blossom Jewelry

Created by the same studio that provides our preserved flowers, these feature actual blossoms lacquered to preserve them. They are gorgeous! Have a flower lover, gardener on your list? Here are some very special gifts for them. Also lacquered rosebud earrings!

Orchid Necklace!


And much, much more!!!